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UAE's influencers share their thoughts

  As a mum of a baby girl, one of the most enjoyable, and yet also most difficult, things to do is shop for the little one. Enjoyable because there are so many cute outfits, dresses and accessories, and difficult because you have to ask yourself, "Where do I draw the line?" When I'm shopping for myself, I love to mix and match, combining high street fashion with designer clothes. For example, a Zara dress with a Chloe bag or an H&M blazer with a Louis Vuitton scarf. It's about the look, not the label. It's about creating your own personal style. In essence, that's how I also shop for our little girl - with the exception that I wouldn't buy her any high-end designer clothes. The most important thing for me (and most other mums, I guess) is that her clothing should be comfortable to her. As she cannot dress herself and express what's comfy, it's my job to make sure that the materials are soft and breathable and the cut allows her to play, roll ar