Five ways to spot the cheater in online poker



Poker is considered an entertaining and tactful game. Today there are many versions of this game that can be played online or live. Playing online poker offers flexibility and accessibility to its players from all around the world. Playing online poker has many benefits, including the chance to play with maximum people from all around the world. You can access this game from the comfort zone of your home. Online poker allows you to enjoy this game by being in your home or office for free time. 

Just like online poker has many advantages, it also comes with some disadvantages discussed below. Following this article, we have elaborated details about how players get trapped by cheaters playing online poker. 


  • Conspiracy 


The conspiracy includes two or more players teaming up to increase one of the player's chances. They cooperate on different game phases, such as sharing their hole cards, checking on the next move, saving each other. It can completely twist the game. 

It is time-consuming and challenging for many players. Players share their cards with other teams through many communication platforms, including Skype, telephone, and different ways. 

Teaming up or conspiracy is the most emerging problem while playing poker, whether online or live. As many sites are being developed, these chances have increased. It is why Online casino Sverige always takes a proactive approach to go against these collisions. 





Giving suggestions or ghosting is another most used method of cheating. It is done both in online and physical poker. It happens when one player give tips or advice to another player while the game is ongoing. In a live poker game, it happens while two friends sit beside and make decisions while playing. In online poker, it happens through Skype or TeamViewer, when players share and discuss their moves when they feel they are in a difficult position to make further moves. It is more commonly used in the last stages of online games as players discuss to get high prize pools. 


It is not easy to catch as it is unfair for other players. However, there are slight disadvantages: you rely entirely on your partner before making any move. 



  •  Poker Bots


In online poker playing with computer programmed players is called poker bots. While playing poker, you make mathematically-based decisions, which are challenging to play. These programmed players are perfect at making perfect decisions every time. Thus, they are not considered a good player because it reduces your chance of winning.

Many players use artificial intelligence (computer programed bots) to play on their beliefs, which have pros and cons. Benefits include that these bots do not have emotions and do not make rational decisions. They never get tired. Disadvantages include that these bots play games based on mathematical and algorithm techniques while not learning different strategies. Using bots in online poker is illegal, while developments selling these programs are legal. Online Poker Sweden Game is also known as Online poker sverige


If you detect a specific player playing for a long quiet period without any gap or breaks, then the possibility is that he is a poker bot. Other than this, a player is playing at many tables spontaneously; the chances are that he is a bot. 


Various accounts


Another method that players use to cheat online is by creating fake real money accounts on a single more OK site. It increases their chance of winning in a single game. 

It is difficult for authentic players to play fairly, which is a big drawback for many online poker sites. A person with many accounts will receive a bonus on every account, which increases the chance of bonus fraud. 


Due to this, many sites take different actions, such as forbidding a player to create multiple accounts. Sites check their IP addresses so they can ban them if they occur twice in the game. And if they want to make various accounts, they need to verify their government-issued ID cards and other authentic documents. If any player is caught for having multiple accounts, then all accounts and bankrolls are sealed by the poker site. 

We Online casino Sverige are always there to take quick action towards online poker bots as our teams are fully attentive to detect and block such players. 

Our teams are 24/7 hours available to resolve every issue players faces. 



 Displaying Hole Cards :


In a game, if a player sees all his opponent's cards, he has a higher chance of losing the game. He is now well aware of when to raise and go all in and when to fold. It gives them certainly the upper hand to win. 


While playing online poker, you can only see your hole cards while other players cards are on-site servers that are unable to access. Allows everyone to play fairly and give them an equal chance to win. 




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